Rolling Stone: Watch Mavis Staples Replace Confederate Statues in Poignant New Video

Working with director Zac Manuel on this project was so uplifting. The song touched many people in and outside of New Orleans, and being able to bring the concept to life to tell this story has been one of my best experiences as a stylist yet. I styled the entire cast of this production and was assisted by Brennan Manuel. 

Mavis Staples Music Video for song, If All I Was Was Black, project covered by l The Times-Picayune

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I had the opportunity to be the wardrobe stylist for Mavis Staples' newest music video. New Orleans filmmaker Zac Manuel explains that the installation set the scene for a video accompanying a new song titled "If All I Was Was Black" by renowned folk singer and civil rights activist, Mavis Staples. 


Slug Feature

This series included elements of fashion and culture that I feel connected to as an artist but aren't typically represented alongside each other in a single project. I wanted to cohesively represent the urban south from a fashion forward, aesthetically interesting perspective. I styled and photographed the shoot using pieces from my personal collection of vintage clothing.

Toksick Magazine: Texas Based Artists Brandon Kafarela and Blue Hyman Collaborate To Highlight Southern Trap Culture And Vintage Fashion

Brandon Kafarela, an aspiring stylist and fashion photographer based in Houston and New Orleans joined forces with Blue Hyman, a creative director and rapper based in Austin, for the second time to curate a project representative of what inspires and motivates them as southern artists as well as fashion enthusiasts. 

This project was put together using pieces from Brandon’s personal collection as well as the cultivation of bohemian ideals and the artists’ shared interests/styles. Based in the urban south, they’ve been exposed to unique cultures within and surrounding the communities they were raised in. 

Brandon was born and raised in Southeast Houston. Being of mixed background (Mexican, Colombian, and Creole), culture is a subject he enjoys exploring with others through the arts, fashion, and travel. 

Blue was born in Virginia and moved to Houston, where her creativity, music, and personal brand, @GetSomeGreens, took off. Since then, she has moved to Austin and released multiple singles, directed music videos, and much more.

Brandon and Blue have had their work and styles featured in Nakid Magazine, Complex, Ace Hotel: New Orleans, Stubborn Magazine, and Southern Rep Theater.